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Éric Dupont

 Opened in January 1997, in the Marais, at the heart of Paris’ contemporary art gallery district, Eric Dupont Gallery has championed the work of emerging artists and participates on a regular basis in international art fairs including FIAC, Art Brussels, the Armory Show, Art Abu Dhabi and Scope Miami. In the fall of 2011, Eric Dupont will open a bigger, 270 square meter space, also located in the Marais at 138 rue du Temple.

Newcomers to the Gallery include Taysir Batniji and Fouad Bouchoucha. Taysir Batniji was part of the selection of Palestinian artists for the Venice Biennal in 2009. He has been selected to participate in the Twelfth Istanbul Biennial, curated by Adriano Pedrosa and Jens Hoffmann and opening in September 2011. Fouad Bouchoucha, a young artist born in Marseille in 1981, will have his first solo show at the gallery in 2012. He has been selected as a resident artist at the Palais Tokyo. Bouchoucha’s work involves performance, sound and installation. He is currently working with automotive firm Bugatti ‘s Veyron, the fastest car in the world, on a project about speed and mutation.

Recent exhibitions at the gallery include a tribute by Pascal Convert to the French resistance, through the character of Joseph Epstein. In March 2011, his movie about the famous French resistant Raymond Aubrac was shown on France 2. Jean-Louis Froment for La Force de l’Art, the triennial of art in France selected convert. His huge crystal sculpture of Joseph Epstein carrying his son was acquired by the Pompidou Centre collection. Last Fall, Convert participated in a prestigious exhibition about Aby Warburg, Atlas: How to Carry the World on One’s Back?. Curated by Georges Didi-Huberman at the Reina Sofia in Madrid, this exhibition moved last May to the ZKM in Karlsruhe and then it will move in September to the Sammlung Falckenberg in Hambourg.

After a great success at the FIAC, Yazid Oulab was chosen for the residency program of the Calder Workshop in 2009. His works were part of a major group show, Traces du Sacré, at the Pompidou Centre in 2008. Last winter, Yazid Oulab participated in an exhibition entitled, Tenir, debout, featuring renowned artists such as Louise Bourgeois, at the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Valenciennes. In 2012, the FRAC PACA (Marseille Regional Fund for Contemporary Art) will inaugurate its new buildings highlighting the work of the artist and the Abu Dhabi Louvre will do the same for the opening of its contemporary art space.

Damien Cabanes’ work was showcased in a major exhibition, Corps à corps, at the Claudine and Jean-Marc Salomon Foundation in 2009. This coming September, the Musée d’Art Moderne of Saint-Etienne will dedicate to him his first retrospective. He is also nominated for the Marcel Duchamp award in 2011.

Regina Virserius’ works were acquired by the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage in 2007, and were shown in 2008 in the Gaspé Museum (Canada) and in the Rencontres d’Arles in 2009. In 2010, a series acquired by the FNAC (French National Contemporary Art Fund) was shown in the Photographie Biennial in Moscow and in 2011, she will have an exhibition at Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris. A new book on her works, Una Cosa Mentale, has been presented at the Musée des Arts Décoratif on May 18th.

Clément Bagot had his first solo exhibition in 2010. Among his recent group shows include Collection 3 at the Claudine and Jean-Marc Salomon Foundation, at the Grainetterie in Houilles, with Rafael Zarka, and at the Ecole Nationale d'Architecture at La Villette, Paris.

Gil & Moti, the Dutch-Israeli performance duo, embarked in February 2011 on a year and a half-long tour that brings their works to several important European art centers and museums, including Kunsthallen Nikolaj in Copenhagen (Denmark), Kunstmuseum in Bochum (Germany), Tensta Konsthall in Stockholm (Sweden), Stavanger Kunstmuseum (Norway) and Lentos Kunstmuseeum in Linz (Austria). The Israeli-Palestine conflict is at the heart of a life’s work that aims to bridge and bring harmony to the two communities.

The Gallery has championed the work of Paul Pagk, Didier Mencoboni, Damien Cabanes, Siobhan Liddell for over fifteen years.


Taysir Batniji, Fouad Bouchoucha, Damien Cabanes, Pascal Convert, Thierry Costesèque, Gil & Moti, Penny Hes Yassour, Siobhan Liddell, Didier Mencoboni, Nicholas Nixon, Yazid Oulab, Paul Pagk, Mathieu Pernot, Regina Virserius

Previous exhibitions

Apr 9, 2016 - May 14, 2016
Self, Brookline, 2015 / printed 2016, pigment print, 4/5, signed, titled & dated verso in pencil, 15-3/4 x 19-3/4 inches (image) [50.2 x 40 cm], 17 x 21 inches (sheet) [53.3 x 43.18 cm], courtesy gale
Nicholas Nixon Old and New April 9 – May 14, 2016 / Opening Saturday, April 9, 2016 starting at 3 pm Eric Dupont Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of old and recent photographs (more...)

Mar 12, 2016 - Apr 2, 2016
Gabrielle Wambaugh, « D’extensions », 2014, 46 x 28 x 38 cm, céramique, courtesy galerie Eric Dupont, Paris.
Eric Dupont gallery invites you to the personal exhibition of Gabrielle Wambaugh "Having sex with my toes" organised in parallel with the exhibition "Ceramix" at the Maison rouge in Paris and (more...)

Jan 9, 2016 - Feb 27, 2016
Paul Pagk, two circles, 2015, oil on linen, 65 x 74, courtesy galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
En ce début d’année, la galerie Eric Dupont nous convie à venir admirer un ensemble de peintures récentes et de grands formats de Paul Pagk, artiste dont elle présente l’oeuvre avec fidélité et (more...)

Oct 10, 2015 - Nov 14, 2015
Howard Hodgkin, Wet Day , 2014, carborundum relief from 3 plates printed sequentially with Ocean Nlue / Sap Green-Cerulean mix, and Transparent White on Moulin Du Gué 350 gsm paper, 20.5 x 27.0 cm, Co
HOWARD HODGKIN, PRINTS GALERIE ERIC DUPONT October 10 – November 14, 2015 I like the sense of life in Hodgkin’s paintings, the wild colour, the different ways of handling paint, and the (more...)

Jun 6, 2015
Thierry Costesèque, Western, performance, 2014, vidéo 14 mn. Courtesy Thierry Costesèque et galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
La galerie Eric Dupont a le plaisir de présenter Western, la troisième exposition personnelle de Thierry Costesèque à la galerie. En 2014, en résidence à RU à New York, Thierry Costesèque remonte (more...)

Apr 11, 2015 - May 23, 2015
Damien Cabanes, Douma, 2014, huile sur toile, 106,5 x 95 cm, courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris.

Feb 26, 2015 - Apr 4, 2015
Insomnia #2, 60 x 90 cm, tirage photographique sur Platine © Regina Virserius
La galerie Éric Dupont présente INSOMNIA, nouveau projet de Regina Virserius, conçu spécialement pour sa cinquième exposition personnelle à la galerie. (more...)

Feb 19, 2015
La galerie Éric Dupont présente INSOMNIA, nouveau projet de Regina Virserius, conçu spécialement pour sa cinquième exposition personnelle à la galerie. (more...)

Jan 10, 2015 - Feb 21, 2015
Gabrielle Wambaugh, slippery, 2014, céramique, 18 x 13 x 16 cm, Courtesy galerie Eric Dupont, Paris.
Eric Dupont Gallery has a pleasure to show a recent work of a sculptor Gabrielle Wambaugh. For this new exhibition she presents new pieces created during her residency in EKWC, the European Centre of (more...)

Nov 8, 2014 - Dec 23, 2014
Mathieu Pernot, Plage du Palus, Plouha, 2011, photographie couleur, 103,5 x 150 cm, Courtesy galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
A wall To demolish it (more...)

Sep 6, 2014 - Oct 26, 2014
Paul Pagk, Untitled Yellow Pink and White, 2013 , huile sur toile, 178 x 178 cm, © Galerie Éric Dupont
La galerie Eric Dupont est heureuse de vous présenter la nouvelle exposition du peintre abstrait Paul Pagk. Après une période de complexification formelle de son œuvre, c’est ici une simplification (more...)

Jul 9, 2014 - Jul 25, 2014
Mathieu Pernot, série Le feu, Caravane, Arles, 2013,
150 x 120 cm, Tirage contrecollé sur dibond,
Courtesy galerie Eric Dupont
Les artistes de la galerie Clément BAGOT, Damien CABANES, Pascal CONVERT, Thierry COSTESEQUE, Lee FRIEDLANDER, Siobhan LIDDELL, Yazid OULAB, Mathieu PERNOT, Regina VIRSERIUS, Gabrielle (more...)

Mar 15, 2014 - Jun 14, 2014
Christallisation n°1
Verre, plâtre, métal, charbon de bois
135 cm x 90 cm x 25 cm ép.
Maître verrier Olivier Juteau
Vue d'atelier. D.R.
Courtesy galerie Eric Dupont

Pascal CONVERT PASSION 15 March – 14 May 2014 For his new exhibition at Galerie Eric Dupont, Pascal Covert presents a series of works which question the relationship between sacrifice, sacrilege (more...)

Dec 7, 2013 - Feb 22, 2014
Didier Mencoboni, tirage jet d'encre couleur, 2013, 42 x 59 cm
© Galerie Eric Dupont
This tenth episode held at Galerie Eric Dupont is an exhibition which resembles a story where the main character is absent. All of the works presented in the showed are an emanation of the central (more...)

Oct 12, 2013 - Nov 30, 2013
Courtesy Galerie Éric Dupont
For the first time, the Eric Dupont Galerie exhibits the work of Lee Friedlander through a series of thirty emblematic works. Excluding his retrospective at the Jeu de Paume in collaboration with (more...)

Jul 11, 2013 - Sep 18, 2013
Gil & Moti, Available for you, 2012 Installation © Courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris — Lentos Kunstmuseum, Linz, Austria
In the action-installation Available for You that has been developed since 2008, the Israeli-Dutch artist duo Gil & Moti offers their free services to Arab inhabitants and documents their (more...)

May 18, 2013 - Jun 22, 2013
© Courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
The current exhibition brings together some of Damien Cabanes’ recent oil paintings. At the back of the gallery, a large painting of 4m50 shows the interiors of a workshop : it is that (more...)

May 18, 2013 - Jun 22, 2013
© Courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
Yazid Oulab has always exprimented with artisanal tools. Recently he has produced a series of abstract drawings created with graphite attached to a drill. The result is a myriad of points (more...)

Mar 30, 2013 - May 11, 2013
Clément Bagot
détail, "Thalos", 2012
encre noire sur calque fluo orange
30 x 20 cm
© Courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
Minute and inexonerable, precise and profuse, one by one countless tracks that form a drawing were built. Clément Bagot’s art is not described, it is approached. It is a vision totally focused on (more...)

Feb 2, 2013 - Mar 23, 2013
Shiobhan Liddell
Black White and Green
Papier mâché, peinture à l'huile et bambou
84 x 47 x 16 cm
© Courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
SIOBHAN LIDDELL Among Ancients February 2nd – March 23th, 2013 Throught the roman light, arising from other Times that would be those of a furtive and universal poetry, use to levitate (more...)

Dec 15, 2012 - Jan 15, 2013
Fouad Bouchoucha, Handling, capture de vidéo, 10 min, pal, 2012. En collaboration avec Hélène Meisel.
© Courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
FOUAD BOUCHOUCHA Mes Possibles December 15th, 2012 – January 15th, 2013 For his first solo exhibition at Galerie Eric Dupont, Fouad Bouchoucha questions the Possibles of life through (more...)

Oct 27, 2012 - Dec 8, 2012
The Brown Sisters, Truro, Massachusets, 2011, tirage argentique.
© Courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
Nicholas Nixon is an American photographer, born in 1947. Since the 70s, he has specialized in portraits and has made photographical documentaries. Galerie Eric Dupont exhibits Nixon’s (more...)

Sep 8, 2012 - Oct 20, 2012
M. Pernot,Série Les Migrants, 2009, photographie couleur, tirage lambda contrecollé sur aluminium,95 x 135 cm, © Courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
This work was inspired by an image. A photography glimpsed in a community magazine, showing four bodies lying on the ground in a forest in the north of France. The caption indicated that they (more...)

Jun 7, 2012 - Jul 27, 2012
Thierry Costesèque, Road movie, 2011. Technique mixte sur papier, 10 x 15 cm,© Courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
Since 2006, he has been painting large format infra-realism works representing forms, lines and signs from urban life. He gives his paintings a rough aspect and an (more...)

Apr 28, 2012 - Jun 2, 2012
Damien Cabanes
Judith debout visage vert et Judith visage vert, 2009-10
Terre cuite émaillée
72 x 10 x 19 cm et 68 x 12 x 8 cm
© Courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
The first word that comes to mind as I think of the work of Damien Cabanes is the word solitude. Solitude of his work in its day which, disregarding movements and fashions, asserts itself (more...)

Mar 17, 2012 - Apr 21, 2012
Yazid Oulab,Montagne urbaine, 2011. Acier, 350 x 600 cm
Réalisée lors de la résidence de l'artiste au Domaine de St Cer, sous le patronage de l'Association Voyons voir
Where there is a will, there is a way In the distance, an urban mountain range runs from one wall of the gallery to the other. Ascetics perched on these mountains made from the silhouettes (more...)

Jan 28, 2012 - Feb 25, 2012
Révolutions, 2011, Peinture synthétique sur polyméthacrylate de méthyle, miroir, métal, dimensions variables.
A mobile is also a painting. It is an additional chapter, one that completes the process that is at work in my various series, from ...Etc... to the coloured silks. A collection of (more...)

Dec 8, 2011 - Jan 21, 2012
© Courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
Galerie Éric Dupont hosts Taysir Batniji’s second solo Paris exhibition. For the occasion, the Palestinian artist takes possession of the new gallery space with a set of recent works. (more...)

Oct 15, 2011 - Dec 3, 2011
Fragment de conversation avec Raymond Aubrac, Bois flotté vitrifié, 2011, Maître verrier et photographe: Olivier Juteau.© Courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
Being the child of an important figure is certainly not easy. It is necessary to make, if not a name, at least a first name for oneself. This requires great strength of character but the presence (more...)

May 14, 2011 - Jun 25, 2011
Regina Virserius, Série Full emotion, 2010-11. Impression à plat d'encres polymères sur verre, 28 x 24 cm chaque élémént, 36 éléments, édition 1/7+2EA. © Courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
Démesure Evoquer la Coupe du monde de football, c’est convoquer la démesure de tout cet évènement. Tout est extra-ordinaire. Gros plans Cadrer en très gros plan sur les visages des (more...)

Nov 6, 2010 - Dec 18, 2010
© Courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
Siobhan Liddell’s body of work at Eric Dupont Gallery titled As it is, as it isn’t, ranges from assemblage on stretched linen to sculptures on tables and cut paper objects. Corresponding to works (more...)

Sep 4, 2010 - Oct 30, 2010
Yazid Oulab, Mains, 2009. Fil de fer barbelé, 100 x 35 cm env. Oeuvre réalisée pendant la résidence de l'artiste à l'Atelier Calder en 2009. © Courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
« Toute la condition humaine repose sur cette volonté de s’élever et de se construire par l’apport des connaissances et des expériences de ceux qui nous ont précédés et qui font de (more...)

Jun 10, 2010 - Jul 23, 2010
Note d'atelier, 2010. © Courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
Make and remake. The both series which constitute this exhibition are the result of these two actions while retaining their own pictorial specificity. The first, entitled The Invaders, is in the (more...)

Apr 24, 2010 - Jun 5, 2010
Clément Bagot, "Ovum", Détail, 2009-10. Bois,carton, Tubes fluos, plexiglas, 165 x 175 x 70cm
© Courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
Clément Bagot ou la transparence des mondes Clément Bagot définit volontiers ses œuvres (qu’il s’agisse des volumes ou des dessins) comme des « paysages mentaux ». Ses dessins apparaissent comme (more...)

Mar 13, 2010 - Apr 17, 2010
Paul Pagk, Red insertion, 2009. Huile sur toile, 193 x 188 cm. © Courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
My red maybe your orange, even On the evidence of most comments, Paul Pagk’s work is purely geometric abstraction – it is in the heritage of American Minimalism, for fans of clearer (more...)

Jan 9, 2010 - Mar 2, 2010
Regina Virserius, Objet #8, Inv.03142, 2009. Tirage jet d'encre pigmentaire, 56 x 46 cm, éd. 1/ 7+ 2 EA.
© Courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
The concept of time is a recurrent concern in the work of Regina Virserius : time that passes, that transforms us, that puts us into perspective through the body, landscape, places, (more...)

Oct 17, 2009 - Dec 22, 2009
Penny Hes Yassour, "Phantom landscapes", 2009. Technique mixte, dimensions variables.© Courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
In the Phantom landscapes series of Drawings and Net-Works installations, Penny Hes Yassour deals with the mechanism of memory and forgetting as mutual and inseparable forces. The works are (more...)

Sep 5, 2009 - Oct 13, 2009
Sans titre, 2008. Huile sur toile, 200 x 250 cm. © Courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
At a given moment, you have to make the incision, open up, part the flesh. At a given moment, you have to square off, define the operative field. At a given moment, you have to go (more...)

Jun 20, 2009 - Jul 24, 2009
Le violoniste sur le toit, 2008. Capture de la vidéo, 2min30.Composition et performance de Yossi Gutmann. © Courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
On the occasion of their second solo exhibition at the Galerie Eric Dupont, the duo of international artists, Gil & Moti, continue their pursuit to restore human relationships within their (more...)

Apr 25, 2009 - Jun 13, 2009
Lettre au fils, 2009. Cire, d'après une photographie de Joseph Epstein et son fils Georges, 120 x 130 x 35 cm, sculpteur Claus Velte. © Courtesy Pascal Convert et Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
In the work of Pascal Convert, memory and neglect, initially taken from his perosnal history, for ten years now has been taken from collective history, which naturally engendered a change (more...)

Mar 14, 2009 - Apr 18, 2009
Thierry Costesèque, Annotations, 2008. Huile sur toile, 67 x 70 cm.© Courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris.
La peinture de Thierry Costesèque s’inscrit dans le contexte de la désinhibition contemporaine à l’égard de l’image. Selon des options très diverses, nombreux sont désormais les artistes qui mixent (more...)

Jan 10, 2009 - Feb 28, 2009
Penny Yassour, NO-SO-NO-ROUS, 2006-08. Technique mixte, 200 x 300 cm. © Courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris
Ceux qui connaissent la galerie l’auront compris, j’affectionne tout particulièrement le dessin. En effet, il y a trois ans lors de la précédente exposition consacrée au dessin, je m’étais posé (more...)

Nov 6, 2008 - Dec 19, 2008
Courtesy Galerie Éric Dupont

Sep 6, 2008 - Oct 31, 2008
Courtesy Galerie Éric Dupont

Jun 12, 2008 - Jul 25, 2008
Courtesy Galerie Éric Dupont

Apr 26, 2008 - Jun 12, 2008
Courtesy Galerie Éric Dupont
Exposition personnelle à la Galerie Éric Dupont du 26 Avril au 12 Juin 2008. - Un seul geste est répété pour exécuter chacune de ces toiles. - Un seul pinceau pour tracer les lignes qui courent (more...)