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Maria Lund

 Galerie Maria Lund opened its doors in 1999. During its first years the gallery presented mainly Nordic artists: the aim was to make the very rich and dynamic contemporary Nordic art scene more visible in France. The desire to make this cultural milieu more known motivated this artistic choice. For the last few years however the gallery has enlarged its selection to include artists from other horizons whilst also remaining loyal to its artistic line following two directions: narrative figuration and abstraction privileging an attachment to matter.

The choice of artists is above all based on quality criteria and the desire to present different approaches, preoccupations, a diversity of subjects as well as a vast array of media. These criteria have led to a program bringing together both young and established artists.

Galerie Maria Lund aims to present and promote art of the highest level. Guaranteeing its clients advice and quality service based on ethical business criteria.

The Galerie Maria Lund looks after the sale of artworks, the execution of commissions, the installation and hanging of exhibitions for private clients, the public sector and businesses. Equally, the gallery publishes catalogs, broadcasts films and organizes gatherings/conferences/meetings about art.

The Galerie Maria Lund is a member of the Comité des Galeries d’Art. Maria Lund is the gallery director.


Poul Anker BECH - painting
Lene BØDKER - sculpture
Didier BOUSSARIE - painting
Catherine Maria CHAPEL - painting
Elle-Mie EJDRUP HANSEN - installation and painting
Thyra HILDEN - photo and video
Bent HOLSTEIN - painting
Madhat KAKEI - painting
Pipaluk LAKE - sculpture
Jin Woo LEE - painting
Peter MARTENSEN - painting
Peter NEUCHS - photo and painting
Kjell NUPEN - painting
Hans Pauli OLSEN - sculpture
Lyndi SALES - mixed matter and installation
Ofer SHAFRIR - photo
Helene SCHMITZ - photo
Majken SCHULTZ - painting and drawing
Heine SKJERNING - painting, sculpture and installation
Bente SKJØTTGAARD - sculpture
Ann Sophie STAERK - painting
Frode STEINICKE - painting
Linda SWANSON - sculpture and installation
Ole TERSLØSE JENSEN - photo and painting
Maibritt ULVEDAL BJELKE - painting
Björn WESSMAN - painting
Laila WESTERGAARD sculpture

Previous exhibitions

Jan 31, 2015 - Mar 14, 2015
Min Jung-Yeon | La montagne de mon père I | encre de Chine, aquarelle et crayon de couleur sur papier | 2014
For a long time now, travels, exile and identity questionings have been the subject matters of Min Jung-Yeon’s work. Thus, before creating the ensemble exhibited for Yesterday I (more...)

May 5, 2012 - Jun 23, 2012
Sans Titre ( 132x152 cm) herbe, pigments, charbon de bois et Hanji, 2012
In the first instance, figures fill the surface; one silhouette after another begins to exist in an empty light space; bit by bit it gets crowded. Later on, a veil appears, wrapping (more...)

Mar 24, 2012 - Apr 28, 2012
La naissance de venus (65x50cm) encre, pastel et collage sur papier, 2012 - CHAPEL
Close your eyes and take the dive; Cathering Maria Chapel’s Escape presents us with a dream in an awakened state or perhaps a voyage into the unconscious: her new drawings are a plastic exploration (more...)

Oct 21, 2011 - Dec 3, 2011
Connected biologically chemically atomically 106 x 66 x 6 cm aquarelle et huile sur papier Fabriano
© David Bloomer
"I think all artwork is trying to ‘bring people to their senses’". [...] So much of our lives is spent in the world of the past or the future, and I find inhabiting the present to be curiously (more...)

Sep 3, 2011 - Oct 15, 2011
Amour en cage 1 (102x66cm) tempera sur papier, 2011
What becomes of the spring leaves’ fresh luminosity once they have fallen? What happens to the body after love making? What of that small whistling bird once its song has ceased? Why do deer fight so (more...)

Jan 22, 2011 - Mar 5, 2011
parisian fifty-fifty 02 - huile acrylique papier toile - 20 x 20 cm - 2010
Galerie Maria Lund
For the past twenty years, Maibritt Ulvedal Bjelke’s painting was essentially about process, colour, matter as well as the corporal and intellectual involvement of her person. Her work shows both (more...)

Oct 22, 2010 - Dec 4, 2010
Venus flytrap(Carnivores)
A whole section of Western art and literature attributes a “kind innocence” to nature. Thus, when it takes the shape of a garden, it is often a metaphor of Paradise Lost… In the series Hidden gardens (more...)

Sep 3, 2010 - Oct 16, 2010
pink cloud 1033 (48x49x29 cm, grès et glaçure, 2010 - B. SKJøTTGAARD
© Ole Akhøj 2010
Between earth and sky, or, more specifically between clouds and mud, for a while now, Bente Skjøttgaard has been working both above our heads and below our feet. In the clouds is her fourth (more...)

Jun 10, 2010 - Aug 28, 2010
in profundis (140 x 130 cm) huile et acrylique sur toile, 2009 - Majken SCHULTZ
Built with known elements brought together in an unusual manner Majken Schultz’s landscapes and fragments of nature represent parallel realities. Realities in the way that they describe components of (more...)

Apr 29, 2010 - Jun 5, 2010
sans titre (75x75 - 88 x 87,4 cm) huile sur toile ss verre, 2010 - H.Skjerning
« Dialogue » is the key word to describe Heine Skjerning’s new works. Amidst uncontrolled intentions – argument and counter argument – modifications and contradictions – the (more...)

Mar 11, 2010 - Apr 24, 2010
Le jardin de Thérèse (65 x 50 cm) encre et pastel sur papier, 2009 - CMChapel.
To slip in between two clouds, to meet dawn in a clearing, to contemplate the snow’s blue glow … or to cross would-be mythical waters: why not? Just as much as one can melt into a (more...)

Jan 23, 2010 - Mar 6, 2010
Pipaluk Lake, Carried,
60 x 140 x 40 cm
verre, fer et oxyde, 2008
If the glass sculptor Pipaluk Lake compares herself to an adventurer on a permanent voyage in the realms of the still unknown material possibilities, the voyage is shared with whom contemplates her (more...)

Dec 10, 2009 - Jan 9, 2010
The Flight (100 x 120 cm ) huile sur toile, 2009 - Peter MARTENSEN
group show Lene Bødker Didier Boussarie Catherine Maria Chapel Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen Lee Jin Woo Peter Martensen Lyndi Sales Bente Skjøttgaard Maibritt Ulvedal Bjelke (more...)

Oct 22, 2009 - Dec 5, 2009
sans titre, 99 x 132 cm, pigments, charbon de bois et papier Hanji, LEE JW, 2009
How to paint time? How to account for time past, present, time suspended or stretched – a river flowing, mountain chains, what is buried beneath our feet or inscribed in the sky? To answer clearly (more...)

Sep 10, 2009 - Oct 17, 2009
Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen
150 x 100 cm
huile et pigments sur toile
To be, to remain, to become, to have, to lose – these verbs in their infinitive form, resume an essential part of human existence. By adding to love (beloved, loved ones) the list becomes complete. (more...)

Jun 12, 2009 - Sep 5, 2009
Red-black mangrove (150x100cm) huile sur toile, 2009 - Bent HOLSTEIN
Flowing into each other, the waves move forward on the beach in a fading impulsion, ending up in thin puddles with a few small bubbles – reminiscences of white frothed crests. Over and over, the (more...)

May 7, 2009 - Jun 6, 2009
Itinérances nocturnes - Nightly wanderings (60x80 cm) photo, 2009 - Peter Neuchs
A visitor to life, in the night, to be sure it is quite there. Grasping life at the sound of the slow regular breathing of sleep, observing its nocturnal form, discreet, secret yet real – (more...)

Mar 28, 2009 - May 2, 2009
Tribute to Alhambra (99 x 60 x 2,3 cm) verre et terre cuite - Lene Bødker
The humble contemplation and the fascinated incomprehension of the world and its mysteries find their expression in the sculptures of Lene Bødker. Simple contained shapes vary between geometric (more...)

Mar 13, 2009 - Mar 22, 2009
Peter MARTENSEN - Escape (12x27 cm) feutre et aquarelle sur papier, 2008
nouvelles œuvres sur papier Didier Boussarie – Catherine Maria Chapel – Bent Holstein - Lee Jin Woo – Peter Martensen – Lyndi Sales Avec cette courte exposition d’oeuvres nouvelles (more...)

Jan 24, 2009 - Mar 7, 2009
oeuvres sur papier, matières mixtes, installation
paperworks, mixed media, installation
Dual nature or fantastic illusions, the stagings of the South African Lyndi Sales take us elsewhere. The third dimension is created with the most fragile of matters, paper. Her works remind us of the (more...)

Oct 23, 2008 - Dec 2, 2008
Courtesy Galerie Maria Lund
Disconcerting, endearing and often humorous, the subtle and powerful universe of Peter Martensen (1953-…) grabs us with its evocation of familiar yet strange situations. The human being lies at the (more...)

Sep 5, 2008 - Oct 18, 2008
Courtesy Galerie Maria Lund
It’s a discreet gaze, pertinent and tender that crosses the work of Didier Boussarie, fine observer of that which breathes, palpitates and transforms. Through a large variety of matters and (more...)

Jun 12, 2008 - Sep 2, 2008
Courtesy Galerie Maria Lund
Whoever has played the delicate game consisting of striking crystal glasses will recognize the particular vibration, the resonance which seems to last forever following the piercing yet distant noise (more...)

May 3, 2008 - Jun 7, 2008
Courtesy Galerie Maria Lund
Tonic is the word that comes to mind when confronted with Björn Wessman’s recent paintings. Here we encounter rivalling complementary colours and shifting structures in an optical (more...)

Mar 23, 2008 - Apr 26, 2008
Courtesy Galerie Maria Lund
Bente Skjøttgaard’s universe is wide-ranging. With Elements in white we encounter once again this combination of registers and fields of experiences which characterize her (more...)