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Matthieu LAURETTE - Certificate of Death

Matthieu LAURETTE Certificate of Death  
Matthieu LAURETTE - Certificate of Death
silkscreen print of acrylic paint on canvas - 2007
85 x 65 cm.

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ed. 8 + IV A.P.

born in Villeneuve St Georges, France, in 1970
lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

selected solo shows and projects (since 2000)

EXHIBITION NON STOP, A One Year Solo Show, Blow de la Barra, London, Great-Britain
Plight 2, Deweer Art Gallery, Otegem, Belgium
Matthieu Laurette: Exhibition Non Stop, Blow de la Barra @ Art LA, Los Angeles, United States

Real Estate, Deweer Art Gallery, Otegem, Belgium
MediaScope: An Evening With Matthieu Laurette, MoMA, New York, United States

Tapis Rouge (Photo Call TF1 Publicité), Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France
Let's Make Lots of Money, Blow de la Barra, London, Great-Britain
With a Special Appearance by Matthieu Laurette, (as part of the 8th Video Marathon), Art in General, New York, United States (curated by Sofia Hernández Chong Cuy)

Matthieu Laurette présente Raymond Hains au Musée Grévin, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France
What Do They Wear At Frieze Art Fair, 21–23 October 2005, Daily guided tours of Frieze Art Fair led by international fashion experts: Peter Saville, Isabella Blow, Bay Garnett and Kira Jolliffe. Frieze Projects, London, Great-Britain (curated by Polly Stapple)
Matthieu Laurette : Déjà Vu, Numark Gallery, Washington, United States
Matthieu Laurette : The Today Show, Yvon Lambert, Paris, France
Matthieu Laurette: Applause (The Today Show), Deweer Art Gallery, Art Brussels, Belgium

Déjà vu, The7th International Look-alike Convention at Dia Art Foundation’s Fall Gala, New York, United States
Matthieu Laurette : Prix Ricard S.A. 2003, MNAM-Centre Pompidou, Paris, France
Commodities: featuring Jeff koons, Robert Ryman & Andy Warhol, Deweer Art Gallery, Otegem, Belgium

Déjà vu, 6th International Look-alike Convention, CAC - Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania
(as part of the show 24/7)
Publicness: Jens Hanning, Matthieu Laurette, Aleksandra Mir, ICA Institut of Contemporary Arts, London, Great-Britain (curated by Cristina Ricupero)
Déjà vu, Fith International Look-alike Convention, ICA Institut of Contemporary Arts, London, Great-Britain (as part of the show Publicness)

Raymond Hains / Matthieu Laurette : a collaborative show, Jousse entreprise, Paris, France
Déjà vu, Fourth International Look-alike Convention, Artsonje Center, Seoul, Korea (as part of the group show Less Ordinary)
The Spectacle is not over, The John Curtin Gallery, Bentley, Perth, Australia
Déjà vu, Third International Look-alike Convention, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts - PICA, Perth, Australia (as part of the show Elvis has just Left the Building)

Commodification, Jousse entreprise, Paris, France
Déjà vu, Second International Look-alike Convention, Castello di Rivoli, Torino, Italy (as part of the show Form Follows Fiction)

The Secret of Free Shopping, in collaboration with the Proto Academy, ECA research, Edinburgh College of Art, as part of Vivre sa vie, Edinburgh, Scotland (curated by Tanya Leighton & Andrew Patrizio in collaboration with The Proto Academy)
Déjà vu, First International Look-alike Convention, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France (as part of the group show Au delà du Spectacle).
Social Hackers (Part 2), with Gunilla Klingberg, Muu galleria, Helsinki, Finland (curated by Cristina Ricupero & Paula Topila)
Applaus (teil 2), project in public space as part of C/O Berlin, Berlin, Germany (curated by Nathalie Boutin & Marie-Blanche Carlier).
Les Impressionnistes font toujours bonne impression, CNEAI - Centre National de l’Estampe et de l’Art Imprimé, Île des Impressionnistes, Chatou, France (curated by Caroline Maestrali & Sylvie Boulanger).
El Gran Trueque, Consonni, Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain (curated by Franck Larcade)

selected group shows / projects (since 2004)

Difference, What Difference?, Art Forum Berlin, Berlin, Germany (curated by Hans-Jürgen Hafner)
UPDATE, Deweer Art Gallery, Otegem, Belgium
Mieux vaut être un virus que tomber malade, Mains d'oeuvres, Sain Ouen, France (curated by Isabelle Le Normand)
Beyond Paradise, Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (SMBA), Amsterdam, The Netherlands (curated by Delphine Bedel & Ayako Yoshimura)
Comme le verre à travers le soleil: Autour de Raymond Hains, Domaine départemental de la Garenne Lemot, Frac Pays de la Loire, Clisson, France (curated by Marion Daniel)
L'argent, Le Plateau, Paris (curated by Caroline Bourgeois & Elisabeth Lebovici)
Blow de la Barra @ Art Athina, Athens, Greece
The Store, Tulip and Roses, Vilnius, Lithuania (curated by Adam Carr)
Blow de la Barra @ feMACO 08, Mexico, Mexico
Present?, Blow de la Barra, London, UK
Hidden Treasure: Stephan Balkenhol, Sergey Bratkov, Tony Cragg, Matthieu Laurette, Panamarenko and Koen Vanmechelen, Deweer Art Gallery @ Art Brussels, Brussells, Belgium
The Game is Up! Art For Sale, Vooruit, Gent, Belgium (Curated by Eva de Groote)
Art in the Life World, Breaking Ground, Old Swimming Poool Ballymun, Dublin, Ireland.
Deweer Art Gallery @ ARCO, Madrid, Spain

Off Pages, UOVO, The Bookmakers ED., Torino, Italy (curated by Chiara Figone)
Informacion contra informacion, Centro Galego de Arte Contemporanea, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
The Art World, Feinkost, Berlin, Germany
The Leisure Class, Australian Cinémathéque, Quensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia
Blow de la Barra @ La Otra Art Fair, Bogota, Colombia
Centre pompidou Novo Media 1965-2003, Museo do Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal
Blow de la Barra @ Zoo Art Fair, London, UK
ReadyMedia 2, Museum of Contemporary Art Salon, Belgrade, Serbia (curated by Maria Rus-Bojan)
There Is Always A Machine In Between Us, SFcameraworks, San Francisco, USA
Art Protects, Yvon Lambert, Paris, France
Seduction - A Theory Between The Real And The Possible, Borderline/Moving Images, SOHO, Beijing China. (Curated by Beatrice Leanza and BAO Atelier)
The Spam Show, an unsolicited email show. (curated by Dessislava Dimova).
Blow de la Barra @ Art Athina artfair, Athens, Greece
I'm A Future Melancholic, GoGallery, Milan, Italy. (Curated by Laure Prouvost and Anne-Sophie Dinant for
Blow de la Barra @ MACO artfair, Mexico, Mexico
Ateliers. L'artiste et ses lieux de création dans les collections de la Bibliothèque Kandinsky, MNAM - Musée National d'Art Moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France. (curated by Didier Shullmann, Catherine Tiraby et Véronique Borgeaud)
ReadyMedia, Montevideo-Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (Curated by Maria Rus-Bojan)
My 2007, Colette, Paris, France. (Curated by Sarah Lerfel)

Pompidou Video Art 1965-2005, MCA-Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia. (Curated by Christine Van Assche)
Globalización: indicaciones/ efectos secundarios/ advertencias, Espacio 1414 - Berezdivin Collection, Santurce, Puerto Rico. (curated by Julieta Gonzalez)
Schein Sein, Sozialen Dimensionen Des Glamour In Der Aktuellen Kunst, Spinnrei, Leipzig, Germany (curated by Julia Moritz and Jana Sperling)
Blow de la Barra @ Nada artfair, Miami, USA
Video: An Art, A History, 1965-2005, New Media Collection, Centre Pompidou, Miami Art Central, Miami, USA. (Curated by Christine Van Assche)
Blow de la Barra @ Zoo artfair, London, UK
Old News, CNEAI, Centre National de l'Estampe et de l'Art Imprimé, Chatou, France. (curated by Jacob Fabricius)
Ayermaniana, Facultad de Bellas Artes de la UCLM, Cuenca, Spain. (curated by Rosa Pera and Gonzalo Puch)
Les Pas Perdus de Raymond Hains, Centre Culturel de la Gare de Gaël, Brocéliande, France
Tenemos el Duchamp..., GAM -Galeria de Arte Mexicano, Mexico City, Mexico. (curated by Stefan Bruggemann and Mario Garcia Torres)
Radio Gallery, Resonnance 104,4 FM, London, UK. (curated by Anna Collin)
Les figures de l'acteur: Le paradoxe du comédien, Collection Lambert, Avignon, France. (curated by Eric Mesil)
Unfinished Business, Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade - Salon, Belgrade (curated by Sinisa Mitrovic)
La Force de l'Art, Grand Palais, Paris
New Media 1965-2005, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei (curated by Christine Van Assche)
VIgNe: Miam-miam Glouglou en Languedoc-Roussillon, Cercle d'Art Contemporain du Caillar, Le Caillar, France
Ils sont passés par là..., ERBA - École Regionale des Beaux Arts, Rennes, France
Message Personnel, Yvon Lambert, Paris, France
Para Todos Publicos, Sala Rekalde, Basque Country, Spain. (curated by Xabier Arakistain)
Notre Histoire, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France (curated by Nicolas Bourriaud & Jerome Sans)

Superstars: Celebrity Factor in Art from Warhol to Madonna, Kunsthalle & Kunstforum, Vienna, Austria. (Curated by Ingried Brugger, Gerald Matt, Thomas Mießgang, Heike Eipeldauer, Florian Steininger)
Day Labor, PS1/MOMA, Long Island, New York, USA. (curated by Amy Smith Stewart).
L’oeil écoute, Station St Germain des Prés, Paris, France. (curated by Yves Jammet et Daniel Lesbache).
Stephan Balkenhol, Jan Fabre, Matthieu Laurette, Panamarenko and Koen Vanmechelen, Deweer Art Gallery, Art Cologne, Cologne, Germany
M-City: European Cityscape, Kunsthaus, Graz, Austria (Curated by Marco De Michelis in cooperation with Peter Pakesch and Katrin Bucher )
Tiempos de Video 1965-2005, Caixa forum, Barcelona, Spain (curated by Christine van Assche)
Black Market - The 9th Triennial of International Art, CAC, Vilnius, Lithuania. (Curated by Sofia Hernández Chong Cuy, Raimundas Malasauskas and Alexis Vaillant)
T142, Deweer Art Gallery, Transfo Zvevegem, Belgium
Critical Societies, Art, Criticism and the Promises of Capitalism, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe, Germany.
Cynisme? Manif d’art 3, La Biennale de Québec, Québec, Canada
Populism, CAC, Vilnius, Lithuania; National Museum, Oslo, Norway; Kunstverein, Frankfurt, Germany; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands. (curated by Lars Bang Larsen, Cristina Ricupero and Nicolaus Schafhausen)
Zero Interest/Interessi Zero, Interferences Between Art and the Economy, Galeria Civica Di Arte Contoporaneo, Trento, Italy ( Curated by PierLuigi Sacco and Marco Senaldi)
Mediascape, Fundacio « La Caixa », toured to Taragona and Girona, Spain (curated by Montse Badia & Andreas Kaufmann)
Citizens, PM Gallery & House, London, UK. (curated by Cynthia Morrison-Bell ). toured to The City Gallery, Leicester, UK; Oriel Davies, Powys, Wales; The Ormeau Baths, Belfast, Ireland

Art Basel Miami, Yvon Lambert, Miami, USA
ISCP Open Studios, ISCP, NewYork, USA
Art Cologne, Deweer Art Gallery, Cologne, Germany
Fiac 04, Yvon Lambert, Paris, France
Frieze Art Fair, Yvon Lambert, London, UK
Terminal 5, JFK, NewYork, USA (curated by Rachel K. Ward)
Mediascape, Fundacio « La Caixa », Lleida, Spain. toured in 2005 to Taragona and Girona (curated by Montse Badia & Andreas Kaufmann)
Eclips, 25 Jaar Deweer Art Gallery, Transfo Zvevegem, Belgium
Post Marx, Re-thinking Utopic Society, Galeria Animal, Santiago, Chile. (curated by Arturo Duclos)
La rue aux artistes, Viacom Outdoor bilboards network, France
Biennal de Pontevedra, Pontevedra, Spain (curated by David G. Torres & Miguel Perez)
Here and now, AARA, Bangkok, Thailand. (curated by Nathalie Boutin), online show and presentations at Ibid projects & ICA, London, UK (curated by Irini-Mirena Papadimitriou)
Art Brussels 2004, Deweer Art Gallery, Brussels, Belgium