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Chuya IKEDA - Lost in Translation : the Lord

Chuya IKEDA Lost in Translation : the Lord  
Chuya IKEDA - Lost in Translation : the Lord
Impression par jet d'encre sur papier, épingles - 2008
33 x 28 x 5 cm.

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Galerie Hitomi Bushi d'Eau
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Lost in translation

After breaking down the tower of babel, we are struggling to communicate with other people and their cultural differeces.
My hypothesis was that if we could convey a lost meaning in translation, we could communicate it more successfully by filling the gap within translation. Moreover, if I could express the gap by using a visual image, the original meaning could be more accurately communicated.

I used an internet site such as Google images and Google translation service in this work. It seems to me that the images on the site represent collective ideas or consciousness of the users. When we search something in a particular country, e.g Google UK, Google Spain, Google Japan and so on, we can basically find pictures which are uploaded by the "native" of that certain country.

I chose a poem, « A season in hell », written by French poet Arthur Rimbaud (1854_1891). I translated the poem by Google translation service ; machine translation. The method is after translation from French into English, the translated article is translated again from English into Spanish. I then continue. The order is ; French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Italian and German.
This method is like a « telephone game ». : repeated the translation telephone game 10 times.
The translation of the poem turned out to produce a very similar result using this technique.

After getting the resunts, I traced all similar words over the different languages. The presentation of the trace gives a detail of the movement of a word. For instance, the position of the word or the part of speech sometimes, has utterly changed after translation, showing the meaning has changed through translation.

I then applied a picture code. I collected a picture from each Google Image site by searching all words which come from previous step ; « the translation telephone game ». After that I secured the pictures with pins in the same position.

Chuya Ikeda, 2007

Born in 1972, in Japon
Lives and works in London (U.K.)

2005_2007 Central Saint Martins of Art and Design
: MA communication design
1993_1997 Musashino Art University (Tokyo)
: BA Fashion Design course

* Show in progress or to come

2008 « Summer Exhibition 2008 », Royal Academy of Arts London, UK

*Past shows

2007 « Future Map ‘07 », curator ; University the Arts London, London, UK
Bridge Art Fair Miami, Galerie Hitomi Bushi d'Eau, Miami, USA
Bridge Art Fair London, Galerie Hitomi Bushi d'Eau, Londres, UK
Central Saint Martins Degree Show, Groupe show, London, U.K.


2007 University of Arts London collection, London UK 2007


2007 « Lead between the line » Published by Gaffa Limited.