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Bruno CAPACCI - Les liens

Bruno CAPACCI Les liens  
Bruno CAPACCI - Les liens
Oil on panel - Olie op paneel - 1933

Signed and dated lower left
72 x 96 cm.

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Paris international exhibition 1937

"As I did not learn how to draw a horse, a dragon or a deer, I invented Amarantus, Salacium, Virgilia" Bruno Capacci

Born in Venice in 1906, Capacci moved to Paris where he became acquainted with the Italians of Montparnasse such as Chirico, Severini, Magni, Magnelli, Leonor Fini..In 1939 he met and married belgian artist Suzanne Van Damme ( 1901-1986 ) They have been a perfect artist's couple ever since and moved constantly between Brussels, Paris and Florence. They made friends with Breton, Cocteau, Eluard, Fellini, Louise de Vimorin, Marcel Lecomte, Paul Colinet and many others. His first "metaphysical" paintings were inspired by his love of his native country and its Commedia dell' arte. In 1946, André Breton and Marcel Duchamp invited Capacci and his wife to join the "International Surrealist Exhibition" at the Galerie Maeght in Paris. His works became more and more poetic. Capacci was not only a painter and surrealist poet of great talent, but also a famous ceramist. In 1991 Group 2 Gallery organized its first solo exhibition of Bruno Capacci and published a monography at this occasion. In 1996 the Gallery confronted Capacci's works with those of his wife, belgian artist Suzanne Van Damme.
A painting by Capacci belonging to the Israel Museum in Jerusalem ( The Vera and Arturo Schwarz collection of Dada and Surrealist Art ) has been published in the "General Dictionary of Surrealism", French University Publishers, 1982.