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Bernard GHOBERT - Nuages sur la mer

Bernard GHOBERT Nuages sur la mer  
Bernard GHOBERT - Nuages sur la mer
Crayons couleur sur papier - 1959
26 x 40 cm.

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After his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, Bernard Ghobert worked in his father's architectural firm. He started drawing at the same time, hereby encouraged by his father whom he had always seen painting. During his study trips, he visited museums in London, where he admired the works of Turner and in Paris, where he discovered the paintings of Sisley, Bonnard and Monet.
From the outset Ghobert exclusively selected colouring pencils as his means of expression, allowing him to obtain a set of small juxtaposed traits and a sense of relief near pointillism. This technique has the effect of intensifying the vibration of light, allowing the artist to vary the light and shade areas, hereby creating perspectives that open wide the doors to an immobile, almost unreal and magical world. The titles are self-explanatory : "The lonely house", "The deserted square," "Door open to the sea," "The Forgotten Garden" ...
The universe of Bernard Ghobert is a static world where absolute silence reigns. Nothing moves, nothing disturbs the mysterious atmosphere of deserted streets, walled gardens. It is a frozen world where the presence of a living being is rare. Man is almost invisible, the sea is always calm, the trees are still bare, houses are empty. His fanciful castles have something unreal, which confuses the spectator.
The drawings which at first glance seem a bit naive and charming are, in point of fact, not at all. The artist uses timeless images, arranged in a meticulous order, evoking an unreal world. Should Ghobert’s works be labeled as metaphysical ? Morandi, Delvaux and Giorgio de Chirico are not far away, but Ghobert has definitely developed a personal and unique style and technique. The rigor, intimism, serenity, elegance and nobility of his art make us look at his dream world with a new set of eyes, the eyes of a poet.
Ghobert said "I think one should learn to “read” a work of art. A drawing or painting should include an element of mystery, appealing not only to the eye, but also to the heart and spirit".
According to Serge Goyens de Heusch "Bernard Ghobert makes us discover a world of empty spaces and silence, elevating the use of coloured pencils from our childhood to a pictorial oeuvre which is worthy of the Masters”.
Bernard Ghobert was co-founder of the group "Artes Bruxellae" together with Jean-Jacques Gailliard, Lismonde, Jean Milo, Louis Van Lint e.a.

Bernard Ghobert is medeoprichter van “Artes Bruxellae” met o.a. Jean-Jacques Gailliard, Lismonde, Jean Milo, Louis Van Lint e.a. Hij stelde tentoon in Mechelen, Namen, Charleroi, Kortrijk, Oostende en in Galerie Armorial te Brussel. Hij nam deel aan “Schilders van de Zee” in het Paleis voor Schone Kunsten te Brussel. Tekeningen die bij een eerste aanblik charmant ogen en enigszins naief overkomen zijn dit in wezen helemaal niet. De kunstenaar bedient zich van banale beelden, vaak symmetrisch opgesteld om een wereld op te roepen die het alledaagse overstijgt. Kan men daarom de kunst van Ghobert met de term metafysich bestempelen ? Morandi, Delvaux, Chirico zijn niet veraf doch Ghobert heeft een zodanig typische stijl en een hem eigen techniek ontwikkeld die hem uniek en onmiddellijk herkenbaar maken. De schijnbare eenvoud van de composities, het intimisme, de sereniteit, de elegantie, doen ons in een andere wereld belanden : de wereld van de stilte.