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dominique MULHEM - marilyn-mondrian

dominique MULHEM marilyn-mondrian  
dominique MULHEM - marilyn-mondrian
holopainting - 2012
25 x 20 x 3 cm. - 25 x 20 x 3mm inches

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Mulhem focuses his attention on the society that surrounds us,and in his paintings, reestablishes this as a pixilated world on a background of sparkles. This is neither a criticism nor an allegory, but rather the sensual pleasure to paint and to share emotions.

His work has both a technical and sensory approach.The technique is modern pointillism. He paints the accumulations of small forms which by dimension, color and aspect reveal portraits, bodies, objects or scenes. He misleads the eye, and especially the spirit. In his text "Looking from Within", Pierre Restany said: "If Mulhem ensnares us in his trap it is to help us see more clearly within and from within". From any point of view, these readings help us to create interactivity between the artist, the painting and the spectator. We are in a moving world, and Mulhem shows us another form of creation: that of participation.

His work is close to pointillism. This technique was introduced in France through Georges Seurat and Paul Signac. Dominique Mulhem's childhood is relative to one particular painting; "La Baignade à Asnieres" .He lived next to the Seine beside a railroad bridge, and like the children in the painting, played in this perimeter which had been painted by Renoir, Bernard, Monet, Van Gogh abd Signac. When he started to draw, it was these same places that he presented. His work takes its form through the pointillism impressionist technique and the spirit of Pop Art. If his structure of points reflects the positioned stones of a meditative Zen garden, it is not by chance... Mulhem takes his time to see, to listen, to understand and to appreciate.

The twilight is divided in to two parts: one that follows the sunset and the other preceding the sunrise. Twilight Zones are positive thoughts of unimportant days of human history and personal stories. In 'Space/Time Zones', Mulhem is at opposition of all thought. The strong homology of the superimposition of images brings us to think differently about events and history. He is an anti-surrealist seeking an analogy rather than an antagonism. In 'Space/Desire Zones, Space/Space, Space/Link, Space/Content'…he explores another universe. Bodies which become landscapes, mythological objects, and the relationship between desire and the pleasure of observation. The world is seen in a projection of four dimensions .

Mulhem is not a 'Serial Painter" who constantly creates the same painting. He is a 'No Limit Painter' who brings us closer to the beauty of things through aesthetic research in perpetual evolution. At this time when art is behind the world, Mulhem precedes it by his pictorial inventions.

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