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Franck DUMINIL - Composition

Franck DUMINIL Composition  
Franck DUMINIL - Composition
Oil an canvas
50 x 50 cm.

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in english,
Robert Butler, Teacher - Oxford, U.K.
Excerpted from : Franck Duminil,
Monographie, Editions Garnier Nocera - 1994.
Duminil's latest works, for a few years now, have been confirming their cohesion and their austerity, embellished with undefined chalky zones, with fissured expanses shot trough with filaments and crazed islets, with notches in suspension and rents wich model as many steep cartographical features. Kneaded, opened out, fractured, incised, but above all enhanced by a low-angled light, the surfaces emphasize the density of the relationships, by positioning in the fragmentation of their framework, the movement wich prolongs their duration. deliberately limited to major tones, the colours pour out and resonate against their neighbours, being wed to the cursive lines and the unsynchronised forms.
We have spoken about this art, about this painting of atmosphere, but let us not see any allusions here to 'abstract landscaping' or to abstract naturalism as preached by Zao Wou-Ki, Chu Teh-Chun, Guitet or Bazaine. Independent, outside the commonly accepted categories, the work of Franck Duminil, although closely related to the tradition of non-figurative lyricism, speaks to us uniquely of painting, of the simple happiness of painting and of letting the emotions run free. Having arrived today at its full maturity, it never stops speaking about art and the world, in the same inner quest for the sublime.