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Sean BRANAGAN - Mobius

Sean BRANAGAN Mobius  
Sean BRANAGAN - Mobius
Moving image and paint on perspex - 2009


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Sean Branagan’s practice has an itinerant and uncommon engagement with the realm of painting and the use of moving image. This solo exhibition at Kusseneers Gallery Antwerp, over three rooms, reveals complex relationships between light, time and movement and conventional painting elements of colour, line, form and surface.

In the ongoing series of smaller pieces like ‘Where the Sun is Silent’ and ‘Mobius', the projectors are positioned on clamps, hovering just above and in front of the small canvases, integrated with the work and very much in the viewer’s perception. This decision, at once over-rides filmic convention and reinforces the use of light (from the projector) as an important formal element; a material, a substance equal to paint. Similarly, the ‘vehicle’ for the work is not a given – in these pieces Branagan paints and projects on canvas and Perspex. It is these kinds of novel accountings for materials without recourse to established precepts that leads to radical results in Branagan’s work.

This is one of 12 pieces. Please contact the Kusseneers Gallery Antwerp for sales enquiries.