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Louis HALLEUX - The song of the ancestors ( metronome )

Louis HALLEUX The song of the ancestors ( metronome )  
Louis HALLEUX - The song of the ancestors ( metronome ) (Le chant des anciens ( métronome ))
Elm Wood
55 x 29 x 29 cm.

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Louis Halleux has always looked with admiration upon ancient civilisations, especially the Egyptian and Maya monuments. Both used the same geometrical forms such as pyramids, obelisks, steles and columns to honour the memory of their kings and ancestors, to decorate their sanctuaries and to celebrate their victories. Their huge austere-looking monuments give one a impression of overwhelming power and glory, magic and mystery. Surrounded by the hieratic creatures he fathered, Louis Halleux feels happy and serene, protected by their magical presence : "The guardian of the gate", "The mighty and the just", "Memory of Stone", "The third secret" were born one after another. To be forever in search of absolute beauty must be a gigantic task for any artist. Putting a soul into a thing of beauty till it becomes a joy forever is what Louis Halleux is really aiming at. You are welcome to peep into the holes and caves of his works, you are free to guess if by any chance a golden key may be hidden away deep into those caverns of stone, marble, steel, bronze or wood..but do not try to find it, for the artist does not allow you to unlock the inner sanctum. It would mean a sacrilege to him who made sure to keep the secret intact, to protect the soul within the body. Louis Halleux has recently made a monumental bronze sculpture for the Musical Instruments Museum in Phoenix, Arizona, which opened in April 2010 ( ).